HDLBits – Zero

Build a circuit with no inputs and one output that outputs a constant 0.

Now that you’ve worked through the previous problem, let’s see if you can do a simple problem without the hints.

Fun fact: For Quartus synthesis, not assigning a value to a signal usually results in 0. This problem is actually easier than the previous one. This is bad practice, never do this.

Note: Although it is mentioned on the HDLBits website, using Verilog-1995 port declarations is bad practice and should never be done either.


This is basically the same exercise as the last one, so see that solution for more details. In line with my solution coding guidelines, I will be using dynamically sized assignments (‘0, ‘1, ‘x, ‘z) for this and all subsequent solutions, unless otherwise noted:

module top_module (
  output logic zero );
  // The '0 value will fill an n-bit vector with zeros at every bit position 
  assign zero = '0;
endmodule : top_module

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